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The Girl Who'll Make You Stiff'


​Regal Mortis is a Colombian & Apache body positive photographer, producer and burlesque performance artist in New York City. She's been contributing her brand of Glitter Gore to burlesque since 2015 and hopes one day to be named 'Most Fuckable Corpse'. Regal's burlesque acts and aesthetic demand fat BIPOC representation in a counterculture that is overwhelmingly thin and white.  Regal was a nominee for the Master of Macabre award at The White Elephant Burlesque Silver Tusk Awards (2018).


She has performed throughout the East Coast, including the Great Burlesque Expo Festival in Cambridge, MA  (2017). Regal is a member of The Snacctime Revue, an all plus size burlesque troupe based in Philadelphia & NYC.

Regal also runs the boudoir and pin up studio, Regal Pictures. Over the years she's photographed numerous burlesque and drag performers, as well as popular burlesque shows, including the Fuck You Revue & D20 Burlesque. She is also the resident photographer for the bi-national dance company, Danse Theatre Surreality based in Paris & NYC.  

You can view her photographic work at 

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